Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Grace is 3 years old today. I swear that I was just pregnant last week! Yes, time flies, but I wouldn't want to forget a moment of every stage that she has gone through. The good and the bad. She's becoming her own person and it's fascinating and frustrating. She has been so much fun, and really made me take stock and learn more about myself. Having kids really holds up a mirror. I am really trying to be a better person and really trying to set a good example for her.

My mom brought along a necklace that my sister gave to me. It says "I am 3". She latched onto that thing and has not taken it off. And so it begins. Now she will expect jewelry for every birthday. Thanks mom! :)

Today is definitely her day. She had chocolate kisses before breakfast and neither Daddy or I blinked an eye. I sent along cupcakes with her to school today. Sugar High for the whole class! We're taking her to Chuck E Cheese for dinner where she can run and play until her legs feel like they're going to fall off. Then home for presents and cake! I promise there will be pictures! (I have pictures from Valentine's Day too... but, ya know. Life, she is crazy busy right now.) I'm sure she'll get away with almost anything (but, of course, that all stops at midnight! I'm not raising a brat). I hope she feels special and loved, more than any other day because she is. I wouldn't give up the past 3 years for anything. She is still my baby and I love her more than life itself.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Friday, February 10, 2006

We should join MENSA...or something

My niece and I are the same age. We are only three days apart. So, if you're trying to keep track, my mom and my sister were in the hospital at the same time. We have always been pretty close, so I shouldn't have been surprised that we sent each other very similar 30th birthday cards.

Her card to me read:

You know you're getting older when farting no longer makes you laugh...
But laughing makes you fart.

My card to her read:

A Poem for Your Birthday
All About Farts

A fart can be quiet,
A fart can be loud,
Some leave a powerful, poisonous cloud.

A fart can be short,
Or a fart can be long,
Some farts have been to sound just like a song.

A fart can create a most curious medley,
A fart can be harmless,
Or silent, but deadly.

A fart might not smell,
While others are vile,
A fart may pass quickly, or linger a while.

A fart can occur in a number of places,
And leave everyone with strange looks on their faces.

From wide-open prairie,
To small elevators,
A fart will find all of us sooner or later.

But not all farts are bad,
This is simply not true -
We mustn't forget Dear Sweet Old Farts like you!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cake blast

This picture made me thinking "What a waste of perfectly good cake!"

That reminded me of when my neice and I were toddlers. My mom used to work at a bakery and would bring home day old cakes. We have home movies of my neice and I standing/sitting/walking/eating/throwing cake ALL over the damn place. I don't remember it of course, but I bet it was fun!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh, no she di'int

Someone needs to take away this f-ing hillbilly's kid before he actually does get hurt. I have SO much to save about Britney. I was starting to feel a little bad for her with the white trash slacker husband, to the media never letting up on her. But now? I have no sympathy. This is only going to make the paprazzi hound her more. Good going. I have been a mother for almost 3 years and never once in that time have I even accidentally not buckled the kid in. Also, sterilization sounds like an excellent idea in this case.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Well, I didn't wake up stiff and sore or grumbling about noisy neighbors and not getting enough fiber so I guess I don't really feel any different. Other than having to go to work it was a pretty good day I guess. It would have been nicer if I didn't have to bribe the husband to take the kid to daycare. Maybe I was being selfish, but I wanted to sleep in on my birthday. Especially since it was a Monday morning AND I was turning 30. Shame on me.

He made up for it in the gift area. I'm not usually one to brag about things, other than the kid, but I'll share anyway.

I puffy heart LOVE "The Office" on NBC and he got me a shirt with their logo on it that's pretty funny.

I got a silpat mat.

As well as a passport holder for "Someday".

I have been coveting this print for a while. They have it at a restaurant that we love and I have just always liked it. Probably because it's so close to Grace's middle name: Isabella.

He also got me some bath bombs and bath bars.

I also received (or will receive, when it comes in) a set of red mixing bowls and stand.

As well as some movies and a CD.

I guess it pays to get old. I also learned that it really helps to have a Wish List.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bad Idea Jeans

Bad idea: going grocery shopping in the pouring rain.
Worse idea: going grocery shopping the Saturday afternoon before Superbowl Sunday.

Also a bad idea: expecting your husband to get anything done around the house during Superbowl weekend (yes, it consumes the entire weekend now).


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