Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Well, I didn't wake up stiff and sore or grumbling about noisy neighbors and not getting enough fiber so I guess I don't really feel any different. Other than having to go to work it was a pretty good day I guess. It would have been nicer if I didn't have to bribe the husband to take the kid to daycare. Maybe I was being selfish, but I wanted to sleep in on my birthday. Especially since it was a Monday morning AND I was turning 30. Shame on me.

He made up for it in the gift area. I'm not usually one to brag about things, other than the kid, but I'll share anyway.

I puffy heart LOVE "The Office" on NBC and he got me a shirt with their logo on it that's pretty funny.

I got a silpat mat.

As well as a passport holder for "Someday".

I have been coveting this print for a while. They have it at a restaurant that we love and I have just always liked it. Probably because it's so close to Grace's middle name: Isabella.

He also got me some bath bombs and bath bars.

I also received (or will receive, when it comes in) a set of red mixing bowls and stand.

As well as some movies and a CD.

I guess it pays to get old. I also learned that it really helps to have a Wish List.


Anonymous Kim said...

That's awsome. Good to hear that he spoiled you and you got to sleep in!

Happy Birthday!

Love Kim

7:01 AM  

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