Friday, January 20, 2006

Calgon Take Me Away

It's probably been no secret that I've been depressed since moving here and since as long as I can remember really. I finally went to see someone yesterday. I didn't totally do it for myself. This was mostly because I don't want the way I feel to affect my daughter and if there was a possible solution that would benefit both her and myself along with my marriage why would I NOT do it, right? It was embarrassing just calling to make an appointment. I don't know why I felt that way. He explained that even if there is a chemical imbalance to blame for the depression, having dealt with it for so long I have learned on how to work around it and how I have been repeating behaviors that aren't successful. This is called neurosis. Not psychosis, thank goodness. Good news, I'm not totally nuts. Even better news, I might actually get better.

I did leave feeling better about things and actually hopeful. My doctor has a plan in motion and helped me to actually talk about some things. It was mostly just an introduction regarding the people in my life. Gregg might join me in a few weeks and that can only help too. Cause he's supportive and cool like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you to take the first step. I know it must be incredibly hard but you must take care of yourself!

Love you

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Sally said...

Kim, I had no idea you were that upset about being away from home! Sorry that I didn't realize this.You just bring your family back here and everyone will be so much better! Have a great visit with Mom, Love Sally

1:51 PM  

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