Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This too shall pass

Today has started out much better. No tearful goodbyes at daycare, no big fights over getting dressed. I just hate leaving her and when she puts up such a fight it makes it that much harder. I know all working mothers go through this. The truth is, they are teaching her things that, if I was home with her, I wouldn't have the time, the patience or the creativity to do. Also, she's learning social skills and how to get along with her peers. Since she is essentially an only child still, that is very important to learn.

Gregg and I talked and I feel better about us moving. If he gets a job sooner rather than later we will move up sooner. If not, we'll stay put. He would like to be here for Mackenzie's 5th birthday May 1, but if not, he'll fly back to see her.

We're also thinking twice about moving right near my mom. That area seems to be having a problem with too many drugs and a little too ghetto. Now that they have decided to definitely (???) build the stadium there too, well... that also makes us want to look further down the road.

So things are still up in the air. A lot of things. But I can't really control any of it. What's that saying? Let go and let God. Easier said than done.


Blogger cursingmama said...

Kim -
If you want to email me and let me know where you're thinking of looking (I think I know exactly where you're focused) I can give you some insight. The sun finally came out yesterday - and as wonderful as that is it made it sooo much colder and the wind is whipping and it looks like we might get a realy winter afterall.

12:09 PM  

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