Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Over the river and through the woods

Literally. Except the bridge we are on for a long time goes over the ocean. We are headed down to the Outer Banks after work today. And after Gregg packs. Grrrr... Remind you of anyone?

We're staying at Allan and Brian's house that is right on the beach. This house is just for family and friends. Must be nice, huh? They're not renting out this house at all. We haven't seen them all in so long I'm afraid the girls might forget! Although Grace was "talking" to Uncle Allan on my phone the other night. She knows what's up.

In other news we have sold the Jeep. Some guy in Wisconsin bought it. Small world. He wanted to drive out and pick it up this Saturday. I can understand that it's a holiday week and he might not have to take off work, but sorry, we had plans. Gregg's mom would pretty much disown us if we didn't show up at this point! So we will be looking for a new SUV I guess while we are down there. The dealerships are so much cheaper down in the Hampton and Norfolk areas. So that's where we'll be buying from! Right now it looks like either a Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander will be our next vehicle. I wanted the Hybrid Highlander, but what we've been hearing from some friends who just traded in their Hybrid Honda they are a lot of hassle. My boss has a Prius and it is always in for a check up of service of some sort. Even if that is covered under a warranty that is a lot of bother.

Gregg's birthday is Friday so we have that to look forward to also. Maybe we can even sneak away for a movie!

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody! I know that I have a lot to be thankful for this year.


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