Friday, October 28, 2005

This just burns my ass

"Exxon Mobil, the world's largest oil company, said yesterday that its third-quarter net income jumped 75 percent, to $9.92 billion. Its profit in the first nine months of this year - $25.42 billion - already equals its full-year earnings for 2004. This year's sales, which topped $100 billion in the last quarter, are expected to exceed those of Wal-Mart."

Well... I'm so glad that the fat cats (and Bushy's buddies) are getting even richer! Meanwhile no one is saying that they are lowering the price of gas that I need to get to work!


"Today, Republicans and Democrats alike, aware of the politically sensitive issue of high energy prices, are putting increasing pressure on the oil and gas industry to return some of its profits. The ideas include forcing the industry to invest in more refining capacity, to increase inventories to cushion energy shocks, or to provide money directly to the government program that helps low-income people pay heating bills."

Finally. Someone investigate them already! They should be giving free gas away for a month!

I like the idea of giving money to help low-income people pay for heat this winter. But they don't say that they will lower the price at all! They're all going to burn in hell.


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