Monday, October 03, 2005

Today is the day...

I am recommitting to Weight Watchers. I will be writing down every little thing I eat and exercizing more. Not on here though. See the boring details I shelter you from Internet?

I normally eat VERY healthy, but I just don't have a shut off switch. I don't understand portions. I was hoping to hit goal by my birthday but I'll be happy to hit goal period!

I'm sending this out to all the Internet to keep myself honest and to have some damn accountability. Today is the fattest I will ever be. No more quitting if I have a bad day. That elliptical wasn't free and it certainly isn't going to work itself.

Wednesday is the annual doctor visit. I'm going to face the music and ask for help. Something I am normally incapable of. Please send me some skinny and brave vibes.

In keeping with the theme, check out the 10 foods you should never eat. (link at top)


Blogger cursingmama said...

not clicking the link for fear it contains the words peanut butter and chocolate -

3:35 PM  

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