Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thursday Update

I just talked to Gregg during lunch. Mackenzie is getting sprung from PICU today! :)

Gregg stayed with her last night until 4 am. He said that she is doing a LOT better. She was watching movies this morning and making silly faces. He said though, that she is having a hard time annunciating her words.

On our end, I think Grace is getting sick of me. She has been good, but a little whiny and clingy. She wants to be held a LOT. I'm sure she doesn't understand why daddy isn't there and Grandma is all of a sudden gone.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More Updates

Gregg just talked to the surgeon who worked on Mackenzie. He explained to Gregg how he did the surgery, what happened and the cat scans. She had an epidural hematoma. Click on the title "More Updates" to a link of an animation. She did have a break in her skull which cut an artery. That is why she had to have the surgery. The doctor just removed the drainage tube now. Gregg said the "before" cat scans were so bad. He could see it progressively getting worse. The surgeon told him that she was within 30 minutes of dying.

Also, we were told previously that the part of the brain affected motor skills and the surgeon said that was NOT the case. The part that she injured affects speech. Gregg has gotten her to say a few words and tried to get her to stick out her tongue, but she couldn't. She wants to watch movies and shakes and nods her head. He said she seems frustrated that she can't talk.

The surgeon said that he will be the one doing the follow up with her. Gregg asked about transferring her up closer to home and he said that he understood, but he would prefer to do all of the follow up with her. So we will have to work that out.

Another Update

I just talked to Gregg. He said that she is awake and alert and looked right in his eyes. She has been wiggling her toes and squeezed his hand. He told her that he was going to go talk to the doctor and to say "yes" if that was ok and she nodded.

They have stopped giving her morphine, but she is getting codeine for the pain. She is also getting fed Ensure through a tube in her nose.

Mackenzie is at the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters in Norfolk, VA.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Mackenzie Update

As of last night Mackenzie was starting to come out of sedation. They are still giving her morphine for the pain. She woke up for just a minute and said "Mama". The nurse had her do a few things like squeeze her fingers and she did it. She wasn't happy about it, but she did it.

Gregg said this morning that if there was brain damage, that it is the part of the brain that affects motor skills. She has been jerking to get out of her restraints, moving her feet and now grabbing the nurses hands. Every sign they say is good.

Most of her head is shaved and the incision is huge. All of the guys, including Gregg are going to shave their heads too.

We were told that the wall was white shiny tile and not even four feet tall. They said it was wide too, about 6-8 inches. Apparently she was just standing there. Her mom turned away to pick up her bags and heard a woman scream and then Mackenzie crying. They seem to think that she was trying to get down and slipped. She got sick on the way to the ER and said she wanted to sleep. She was just upset at first and even got up on the scale in the ER and went to the potty. When she went in for the cat scan she was unconscious.

Gregg is taking mom to the airport at about 10 and driving from Baltimore to Norfolk. That is about 5 hours. All of this after driving home 3 hours yesterday and returning the rental car. He didn't get home until about 1 am. I was exhausted, so I don't know how he did it.

Friday, March 25, 2005


Spanglish comes out on DVD on April 5. I want this DVD just for the special feature “How to Make the World's Greatest Sandwich” featuring Thomas Keller of French Laundry".

If you haven't seen it, it's basically a BLT with an egg over easy.

Also, it is distributed by Gracie Films. :) It's funny how much her name shows up everywhere!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Future is Near... the Grocery Store

Just finished reading this article:,17863,1029485,00.html?cnn=yes

I would love to be able to walk through the grocery store with a scanner and just hit a button when I'm done to find them all ready at the check out.

Also, I REALLY hope that more stores consider the "Convenience Corner" where a few items like bread and milk are off to their own corner in the front. You can run in and out with just the items you needed. Gregg.

Cat go buh-bye

The other night the cat was trying to play with Grace and she was having none of it.



"Cat, daddy, buh-bye!"

I can only infer that she was trying to tell Cat that Daddy was going to take him buh-bye for good. Daddy is already her protector and will make things that hurt her go buh-bye.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tear Jerker

These are the victim impact statements from Scott Peterson's sentencing. I cannot wrap my mind around a father killing his own child. It just kills me that she never got to hold her own baby. Conner would have been about a week older than Gracie.

Brent Rocha Victim Impact Statement (on behalf of his sister): It’s difficult, Scott, to get up here. It’s not an easy thing to do. Everything you’ve put us through, our family, your family… you’ve been sheltered in your jail cell. You have no idea what we’ve been going through. I don’t know how much you understand, how much you comprehend, how much feeling you can have, but I’m going to do it anyway. Maybe your arrogance is a coping mechanism, but sooner or later you’re going to have to face what you’ve done. I would hope you regret the choices you’ve made, maybe you don’t, but how do you not know it’s not right to take someone’s life? Did you really hate Laci and Conner that much? Or do you just not like yourself? You still go on like nothing’s happened. Why did you feel that you are better than everyone else? Because your parents gave you money? Or because you play a good golf game? You killed Laci and Conner because you knew you were living beyond your means. Your delusional life would have been over if Conner had come into the picture. We sat by the pool, and you told me you were down. I know what the truth is, and you are denying it!

Judge Delucchi stops speech, and says he will not tolerate anyone in the audience saying anything. You will be removed from the courtroom, I don’t care who you are!

Jackie (Scott’s mom): He didn’t do it then!

Lee (Scott’s dad) (to Brent): You are a liar! Bailiffs go over to him, Lee leaves with son-in-law with pastor. Scott is now talking to Geragos instead of listening to Brent.

Brent (cont’d): You will never know how great your life could have been if you would have let things that were going to happen, happen. There are issues with you and your parents, I don’t know what they are. You’re evil! Death is the appropriate punishment for your crime. I chose not to kill you myself, for one reason… so you would have to sweat it out, and not take the easy way out. You show no remorse. It’s hard to believe you can carry on with life as you do. It’s not comprehensible to me! You slept with Laci, ate her food, toasted her mother… knowing the whole time you were planning to kill Laci! Do you not have any compassion? Were you depressed… scared… angry… Why?! I think my sister’s head is probably rolling around the bottom of the Bay! My mother’s been through Hell... You’ve made a mess of her life! Okay Scott, since I’ll probably never speak to you again… You chose to kill a woman who’s five-foot tall and pregnant. How does it feel to be a baby killer? You are so far from the perfect rich-kid persona that was so important to you… You are truly a loser!!!

Everything was handed to you, so you didn’t have to develop the skills to be a successful adult. I just want you to know that it feels good knowing you do not want to be in jail. You have manipulated and embarrassed your parents... You should see how pathetic your mom looks! It’s really a sad thing you’ve brought our mothers to. It was somewhat gratifying to see the noose tightening around your neck. Scott, you are living a delusional life. You probably sit there right now thinking you are going to get off! When you walk to that execution room, look out the window and you’ll see Brooks Island… and you’ll know Laci and Conner have come to take you away!!!

Brent’s wife, Rose Rocha (to Scott): Laci was finally going to be a mother, she was so excited! Conner would have been two months older than my son, and to think that you asked to touch my pregnant stomach just days after you killed them… that disgusts me! Conner should be saying words, making animal sounds, and Laci never had the opportunity to have her son look into her eyes and hear him say, “Mom!” Baby Conner was never able to see the face of the person he heard talking while he was in Laci’s womb, a person who loved him so much! One person took that away from them because of his own selfish reasons! Your own son could have brought you a joy so great that you couldn’t imagine… if you’d just given him a chance! You chose to do this on your own, and now you have to be held accountable. I hope in your cell you start reflecting on what you’ve done. I know Laci is with Conner right now, and she’ll be with him forever. Scott, you’re an evil person and you’re going to pay for what you’ve done… not only in this life but for eternity!

Amy Rocha (Laci’s half sister, by same father): Remember the night I cut your hair, and asked what you wanted for Christmas? You said, “The baby!” …and you lied! You are a selfish and evil person! You have put our whole family through H*ll!!! I can’t believe at one time I actually wanted to find someone like you… You are a monster!! I was looking so forward to be able to help Laci, to live close to you guys! You are a coward and selfish person. Now our holidays will never be the same. Because of you, we were never even given the chance to meet Conner. I can’t believe you would murder my sister and nephew… your wife and son!!! You are sick, and you deserve everything coming to you. No punishment you receive on Earth will ever compare to the punishment God will give you when you die!!!

Dennis Rocha (Laci’s dad): Scott, a piece of **** is what you are. Stopped by judge. I never did like you. You were a rich boy from San Diego. But Laci loved you and I respected her feelings. What kind of person are you? You are going to burn in hell for this. You are not going to golf ever again, go out to dinner, no more women, you're life is over. You will burn in hell and I have nothing more to say to you.

Ron G (Laci’s step dad): The hardest thing I have to deal with is New Years Eve, I keep going back to it. I think of everyone at the vigil crying and you on the phone with your girlfriend saying you’re in Paris. That's a cold blooded no good son of a B. How your family can look at you and say you're such a good kid. Something is wrong with you and your family because that's not right. You're a lying hickin**** (admonished by judge.)

Sharon (Laci’s mom): There is an unbearable sadness in my life. The Scott I knew was the one Laci loved and I entrusted her to him. You made a conscious decision. A decision to murder them and you planned and executed their murders, (Scott is shaking his had no) Yes you did, Scott. Yes you did. You threw them away like a piece of garbage. Your arrogance led you to believe you were smarter than everyone else but you were dead wrong. You are not intelligent at all, you are stupid. Stupid to think murder was your only way out of a marriage. You attended a xmas party with your girlfriend while your pregnant wife went to a party alone. There was no way for me to know on 12/15 that it was the last time I would see my daughter but you knew. You are lazy, spoiled, self centered and a coward but above all, you are an evil murderer. Not even satan will claim to have a part in your make up. You Scott are proof that evil can lurk anywhere. You don't have to look evil to be evil. Why did you murder her? That's an answer we'll never get. How dare you murder her? I want her and always will. I trusted her and you betrayed her, me and everyone. She didn't stand a chance physically against you Scott, How did that make you feel? Did you feel accomplishment, relief they were gone? There's a huge whole in my heart and it will never heal. I miss Laci, miss teasing her, hearing her giggle, miss her telling me about plants and recipes. I miss being my daughter's mother.

I'll never meet my grandson because his own father murdered him. Laci didn't know the SP that sits in this courtroom. She loved you but she didn't need you Scott. I find solace in the thought that you sentenced yourself to death when you murdered Laci. You took it upon yourself to be her judge, jury and executioner. I want you to get what you deserve which is death. You didn't count on Laci's spirit being so strong. Stronger than your evilness. Laci was buried without arms to hold her baby, without a head to smell him in her arms. You have no idea what that thought does to my soul. I look at her picture and I am haunted of pictures of you murdering her. Did she know you were murdering her? Did you look her in the eye while you were murdering her? Was she conscious when you put her in the bay? Nothing will ever undo your evil. You deserve to be put to death asap. What were you thinking as you were killing Laci? What do you think she was thinking? I'll tell you what I think she was thinking: Scott why are you killing me? You know how much I love you. You promised to take care of me. Scott I don't want to die, please stop. And your son was thinking, Daddy why are you killing us, we don't want to die.

The judge emphasized the betrayal aspect of the crime as a husband and a father in terms of Conner being denied the opportunity to draw his first breath. The judge was emotional as he formally passed down the sentence.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

How much do I love the new Minnesota quarter?!!! Posted by Hello

Easter Brunch Menu

Since it's brunch we're having breakfast and lunch type food.

This may, of course, change as I keep researching the topic or if the wind blows...

Creme brulee french toast
Eggs Benedict
Quiche (Mom is making. Jealous?)
Apple sausage
Fruit salad
Honey vanilla bean butter
Hot cross buns
Raspberry Lemonade
Glazed carrots
Asparagus (Just seems Spring-y)
Roasted potatoes
Coconut cream pie
Carrrot cake


Lookie what just hatched in time for Easter at our house! We got a pink chick and bunny pillows! :) Posted by Hello


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