Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More Updates

Gregg just talked to the surgeon who worked on Mackenzie. He explained to Gregg how he did the surgery, what happened and the cat scans. She had an epidural hematoma. Click on the title "More Updates" to a link of an animation. She did have a break in her skull which cut an artery. That is why she had to have the surgery. The doctor just removed the drainage tube now. Gregg said the "before" cat scans were so bad. He could see it progressively getting worse. The surgeon told him that she was within 30 minutes of dying.

Also, we were told previously that the part of the brain affected motor skills and the surgeon said that was NOT the case. The part that she injured affects speech. Gregg has gotten her to say a few words and tried to get her to stick out her tongue, but she couldn't. She wants to watch movies and shakes and nods her head. He said she seems frustrated that she can't talk.

The surgeon said that he will be the one doing the follow up with her. Gregg asked about transferring her up closer to home and he said that he understood, but he would prefer to do all of the follow up with her. So we will have to work that out.


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