Monday, March 28, 2005

Mackenzie Update

As of last night Mackenzie was starting to come out of sedation. They are still giving her morphine for the pain. She woke up for just a minute and said "Mama". The nurse had her do a few things like squeeze her fingers and she did it. She wasn't happy about it, but she did it.

Gregg said this morning that if there was brain damage, that it is the part of the brain that affects motor skills. She has been jerking to get out of her restraints, moving her feet and now grabbing the nurses hands. Every sign they say is good.

Most of her head is shaved and the incision is huge. All of the guys, including Gregg are going to shave their heads too.

We were told that the wall was white shiny tile and not even four feet tall. They said it was wide too, about 6-8 inches. Apparently she was just standing there. Her mom turned away to pick up her bags and heard a woman scream and then Mackenzie crying. They seem to think that she was trying to get down and slipped. She got sick on the way to the ER and said she wanted to sleep. She was just upset at first and even got up on the scale in the ER and went to the potty. When she went in for the cat scan she was unconscious.

Gregg is taking mom to the airport at about 10 and driving from Baltimore to Norfolk. That is about 5 hours. All of this after driving home 3 hours yesterday and returning the rental car. He didn't get home until about 1 am. I was exhausted, so I don't know how he did it.


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